CFNM FemDom Play Party with Special Guest; Lady Crimson Reign

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Welcome Special Guest Lady Crimson Reign from Den of Indomitus AZ (DOIAZ).

At this party the males are naked and the Females are clothed for the entire party. The males are there to serve and entertain the Females. The Females are in charge of the party. They can have the males do whatever makes them happy. The Females can have the males, serve them food and/or drinks, dance for the Ladies, give them a foot, shoulder or body massages (massage table & lotions will be available), play games and whatever comes to the female mind. This party the Females will be in charge- SIMPLY PUT!

Just like at ALL the CFNM FemDom Play parties at Secret Shangri-La AZ, the males are not allowed to touch or initiate interaction with the Females without permission or the Females can just sit back a watch all the naked males as they serve them.

Rules for this party:

1. All the males at the party must be naked no exceptions.

2. We are all adults at the party, and if someone says no, it means NO. It should be always respected. We all have different limits. All in attendance will respect the limitations & comfort level of everyone in attendance. Limits will be respected, and you do not have to engage in any activities you do not want to, but you must be okay with wild & kinky activities happening all around you.

3. BYOB; This is a potluck, so please bring prepared finger food dishes that are easy to serve.

4. Alcohol is allowed, however, please drink responsibly. It is preferred by the host that guests adhere to a two drink MAXIMUM.

5. This party is in a BDSM/ Fetish/ Kink Friendly private residence, off-street parking is available. Fetish play, S/m play is allowed, however, all scenes must be negotiated between all consenting parties prior to playing.

6. NO photos or recording allowed unless an adult model release is signed (model release forms will be available for those interested in a picture or video taking).

7. NO illegal services offered, implied, or allowed. ANY solicitations for sexual services will not be tolerated.

8. Informed Consent Waivers, entry fee & model release forms (if applicable) must be signed upon admittance.

New to CFNM FemDom Events @ Secret Shangri-La AZ? Please read the blog post on Basic rules & what to expect:

NO MONIES ACCEPTED AT THE DOOR. This blog announcement simply serves as a social media site marketing tool to promote the event.

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