Babygirl Kitten 2 visit Secret Shangri-La AZ Feb 3 -10

To celebrate Black History Month Caribbean beauty; Babygirl Kitten will be visiting Secret Shangri-La AZ Feb 3 – 9th.  A lifestyle submissive, professional model & dancer Kitten will be available for private one-on-one sessions at My Dungeon; Secret Shangri-La AZ by appointment and deposit only. As well as offering dance instruction & performances! Kitten will also be teaching her infamous “Twerking 101; Learn how to shake your ass like a pro!” during her week long visit.  For more information on babygirl Kitten visit:

Make sure you do not miss her annual visit to Phoenix, AZ!



Tuesday Feb 9, 2016 Twerking 101 workshop “Learn how to shake your ass like a pro!”

A fun filled class learning how to move your hips and booty in order to work your thighs, hips, inner thighs, booty, and core. In this class you’ll learn how to twerk!

Not familiar with the current urban dance trend known as “TWERKING“? It is the vigorously shaking of your Gluteus Maximus – Oh My!

A few videos to get you familiar:

This class will teach you to tone your bottom, and look good doing it.

It’s fun & will definitely add a eye catching new skill to your repertoire!

Come out to this 2 hour class Twerking 101 & learn how to shake your ass like a pro from the best in the business! Visiting from the east coast, 3 time champion of #TwerkingThursday Twerk contest, Kitten, as she teaches you hands on how to “twerk”.

Please wear something comfortable, stretchy i.e. leggings, yoga pants, booty shorts etc.

This is an interactive physically active workshop, therefore EVERYONE in attendance must participate.

For the safety, security and discretion of all, PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO “PAY AT THE DOOR” for this event! NO EXCEPTIONS! Tickets can ONLY be purchased at here on eventbrite:

December 9, 2015 “Lace Up Lessons” A Corset Workshop & Order Party

In this workshop I will discuss briefly the history of corsets & tight lacing.
Will also briefly touch on “The History of Tight Lacing, Waist Training, Corsets & its influence on Women’s intimate apparel.”
How to determine what corset style is best for your individual body type.
Why some choose to tight lace & waist training, its health benefits along with its detriments.
I will also discuss how to properly lace a corset, assist those wanting to incorporate waist training into their daily lives & more!
Feel free to bring your own corsets & questions you may have about this historic tradition.

This is for the deposit of steel boned corset order & admission to the Corset Party. 50% of total due prior to placing order. This $60 will be deducted from total purchase due. Allow 4-6 weeks for arrival of order.

For an additional $25; an herbal infused body contouring wrap is available for immediate waist reduction & inch loss & can be purchased at the event or online via my Carib X Consulting store;

This consultation also includes; a individual body image assessment, body type analysis, custom color & pattern choice review.

Order tickets via Eventbrite:
or (PREFERRED) via My company online shopping:

If you are wanting to ONLY attend the workshop & NOT order a corset there will be a $10 general donation &

$5 donation for Club FEM Arizona members.
or (PREFERRED) via My company online shopping:

If you are wanting to ONLY attend the workshop & NOT order a corset there will be a $10general donation &

$5 donation for Club FEM Arizona members.

Tickets MUST be purchased online via eventbrite at:

Dec 11, 2015 “THE INS & OUTS OF ENEMA PLAY” workshop

Maintaining the integrity of Risk Aware Consensual Kinky (RACK) Enema Play,  I will cover one very dirty subject: ENEMAS!

Enema play is one of the most diversely perverted fetishes of edge play out there. I will discuss the quality of various equipment, what household grocery items can be safely used in enema play. Fun twists you can add to make it more exciting or therapeutic, I will also cover some advanced & controversial topics from coffee & various herbal enemas as well as forced intoxication.

Tickets MUST be purchased online via eventbrite at: