Secret Shangri-La AZ seeking strong backs & helping hands for 12hr Storage / Renovation packing party

reno renovation.jpg

Secret Shangri-La AZ is getting a major renovation the next few weeks! New windows, new doors, new closets, new kitchen, new appliances, new HVAC, new bathroom, and more NEW NEW NEW!

What does that mean for you:

1. Get your session scheduled, rescheduled, or rental booked within the next 90 hours.

2. Assist in getting the dungeon disassembled, packed up, stored & out of harms way during renovations.

3. Get FemDom Lifestyle (FLR) interaction with Myself & several of My FemDom Friends who are coming over to assist with the packing, as well as keeping you boys focused on the tasks at hand.

4. Don’t have a strong back or are unavailable yet still want to show your support while Secret Shangri-La AZ is closed for the month of May? Send contributions to$SHawkins 

If A/anyone is available Sunday, May 6th 11 am – Monday, May 7th 4 pm, I could utilize Y/you in a MAJOR way!

If any of this spoke to Y/you feel free to inbox Me or call Me directly to discuss your contribution.

Albeit a fellow FemDom to talk, confide in & assist in packing OR a submissive who is willing to sweat a little, has a strong back, self-confident in communication & negotiation, please reach Me at with “renovation service” in the subject line.

With Love & Gratitude,

Goddess Sadie Hawkins

Owner & Head Madam of Secret Shangri-La AZ