Secret Shangri-La AZ news updates

So I am sure everyone has been wondering why things have been so quiet with Secret Shangri-La AZ lately?  Well, it’s the summer and who wouldn’t want to be at the beach and away from the desert??

While Head Madame; Goddess Sadie Hawkins has been enjoying the salt water of the Atlantic, Her stable of devoted submissives & a few FemDom Leather Sisters have been utilizing the dungeon & maintaining the energy of the luscious sadomasochism every visitor has grown to enjoy.

We will be setting a date soon (sometime in September) for another infamous CFNM FemDom Play party as well to host several FemDom Events.  Stay tuned to this blog to see the line up of celebrity Guest Mistresses.

Other events for 2017 include; a strap on gang bang, foot fetish party, snuggle party, a brunch & beat, numerous BDSM, Kink, Fetish education workshops.

Need a kink fix before our next event? Check out Head Mistress’ growing fetish clip listings:

If you are interested in co-starring in a fetish clip with Goddess Sadie; please submit & video supplicant form:

Have a question, comment or concern? Email: 


IMG_2243 cfnm watermark


ezgif strap on gangbang.gif


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