Basic Rules & what to expect at a CFNM party.

A “CFNM” party.

The rules are simple:

  • The party is not a “sex party”. The main focus is that women are to relax and enjoy themselves.
  • The men are only there for the women’s enjoyment.
  • Men MUST be nude.
  • Women must NOT be nude.
  • Women have the freedom to ogle, touch, tease, pinch, slap, play with or ignore the men.
  • Women should not allow the men to have an orgasm, masturbate, or even touch themselves.
  • A man may not touch any woman without explicit consent from her.
  • Men and women should drink, laugh, chat, and have fun like they would at any other party
  • The men are not allowed to ejaculate while at the party
  • Women are not to do anything which will make a man ejaculate
  • The men must obey the Display command from any woman, which means that he will play with himself to become fully hard and display his erection for her viewing pleasure
  • Apart from obeying Display, the men are not allowed to masturbate

If the party was a small more relaxed gathering, then you could add the rule:

  • A woman can ask any man to give her a foot massage

And if the party was just two or three couples, and there was lots of group conversation, you could add the rule:

  • A man must openly and honestly answer any question related to sex asked by any woman (unless his partner indicates that she does not want him to answer).